Construction Update: Sometimes Doing the Right Thing Takes Time

Sustainable Materials Management, Inc. is holding true to our principles and sacrificing speed for integrity to build our facility as sustainably as possible.

Putting aside some inevitable equipment failure and torrential bouts of rain, much of delay has been around the sourcing of the concrete blocks that make up much of the facility infrastructure.


New concrete is incredibly energy intensive, and once it is mixed it must be used— concrete production accounts for approximately 5% of annual human generated CO2. Keeping this in mind, we worked out a deal to have our blocks poured from concrete that is left over at the end of the day. Instead of fueling the demand for new concrete we are salvaging that material and preventing the leftover concrete from going to a landfill. Transporting these blocks is another time (and carbon)-intensive task. Due to their size and weight we can only transport seven blocks at a time, and we need approximately 2,500 for the complete facility.


In addition to salvaging concrete we are re-purposing asphalt millings to grade the section of the yard where the aeration and mixing bays will be located. We are preventing the old millings from being sent to a landfill and giving them a second life. Once graded, we will build the aeration bays, pour the concrete floor, and install our leachate catchment system.

Naturally, there is not a single tree that is leaving this site. All trees and vegetation that were taken down and uprooted will be transformed into beautiful, wonderful, life-sustaining compost. All the tree debris is being ground into bulking agent and stock piled so we can hit the ground running start accepting and processing food scraps ASAP.

We unfortunately still do not have an opening date to share but we will let you as soon as we have a better idea. Thanks for bearing with us!