What's the hold up?

Part of SMM Inc.’s commitment to sustainability involves development practices that comply with local codes and conservation best practices.

As part of our facility construction we have to square off a corner of the property by removing trees. Naturally these trees will be composted at our facility. Read the arborist’s report for more details. The summary of his report is that the trees present are recent growth trees from a previous clearing; there are no significant or specimen trees to be concerned about; the trees present are non-native or invasive; and the area is covered with “extensive invasive vines and shrubs”.

Though these trees are not significant species they are still potential homes to birds and tree dwelling mammals. Clear cutting and trimming trees between the months of March and November puts nesting/migrating birds and other tree dwelling animals at risk for loosing their habitats and offspring. By waiting until November we reduce our impact on the inhabitants of this land.

Stay tuned for more updates.